Patio Design: Decorative Ideas for Poured Concrete Patio Design: Decorative Ideas for Poured Concrete

When dealing with poured concrete, there are many different unique ways to go with the decor. While it may seem like a trivial decision, the patio and walkway are what people look at when visiting your home, especially if you entertain in the yard. Having a unique walkway can bring out your personality as well as be a conversation starter. Here are some great ideas to consider if you are working on a new patio or trying to decide if you should redo the one that you currently have.

Seeded Concrete

Seeded concrete looks amazing and gives your patio a unique and put together look at the same time. You can have many different colors added into one slab and while each piece is a little bit different, they are all put together to get one unified look. The best part of seeded concrete is that you can do it yourself or you can buy it that way so if you are on a budget, you are able to still get this great design.

Divided Concrete Slab

The divided concrete slab is a more traditional look and is something to go for if you have a lot of other decor in the patio area and you need something simple to offset. Another reason why you may pick this besides it's classic look is that it is timeless. While concrete is not too hard to change and install, you do not want to buy something that is going to go out of style in a couple of years or seasons. When it comes to this type of concrete design, no matter how your decor looks, you will be able to keep it over time without having to worry about it going out of style or looking bad. This way you do not have to budget again for a new patio in 2 years, especially when the material lasts for much longer.

Walkway Molds

This is an amazing way to put persona style into your patio. You can choose a mold that you like in a shape or design and then use concrete blocks or pieces to make a walk way in the yard. It is great for those who have a small area to cover or who need a change or pop in the decor.

Tinting and Acid Staining

Both tinting and acid staining are great because they give you a unique look in your yard. You have a traditional concrete walk way or patio, but you can put some of your own person style into it by adding the tinting and acid in your own way to bring out the personality.

Besides these 4 examples of concrete designs, there are so many other options that you can do for your patio concrete. many of them are great because you can do them by yourself with the help of friends or you can go on line or to the store and buy them in a certain design. Either way, no matter what your budget or taste is like, there is some sort of concrete pattern or design that will look great in your new patio. Searching on line for ideas is a great way to start your new design journey.

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