Patio Design the Feng Shui Way

Some say that using the principles of Feng Shui in your patio design will promote harmony and success in all areas of your life. The philosophy follows several principles, emphasizing the free flow of energy and making your space (as well as your life) clutter free.

Do you want a private sanctuary? Would you like to use your patio for entertaining? Both of these goals can be accomplished using Feng Shui.

First Remove any Clutter

Remove all clutter from the area. Dead foliage, loose garbage, garden hoses, and so forth, all contribute to clutter. Survey the patio and assess what does not belong. While garden tools and other yard work materials might be kept outside for convenience, they should be put away in their own storage unit. Also, provide the patio with a thorough cleaning. Make sure that screens, doors, and windows are all spic and span. Cleaning out your patio gets rid of everything that should not be there.

Create a Layout of Unobstructed Walkways

The placement of chairs, tables, umbrellas and other decorations is essential to the concept of Feng Shui. Your patio might be divided into different areas, such as the eating area, the lounging area, and so forth. Make sure that the walkways between these areas are unobstructed. You do not want to circumvent a huge tree to make your way from the buffet table to the domino table. The goal here is to provide free flowing paths from spot to spot.

Every Seat Should Provide a View of Patio

Take a look at the entrance to your patio. Where will you and your guests enter from? Don’t place chairs or benches with their backs toward the entrance. Every seat should provide a clear and harmonious view of the rest of the patio. Semi-circular or L-shaped seating arrangements work well. Do not place tables, plants, fans, or lamps, in the way of foot traffic.   

Don't Keep Dying Plants

Remember to maintain all plant life in a healthy state. If plants are dead or dying, remove them. If you have difficulty sustaining flora and fauna, use silk plants or bamboo instead. Nothing should be dead or dying. Make sure that you do not place hanging plants anywhere near or over people’s heads. Harmony and relaxation are integral aspects of Feng Shui; guests should not have to worry that something could fall on top of them.

Now that we have some Feng Shui basics down, let’s get into specifics.

Principles of Direction in Patio Design


The location of your patio in respect to your house will dictate what specific Feng Shui principles to follow to enhance the potential of the space. Most likely your patio is located on the right or left rear corner of your property, in the center, or straight across the back of your home.

Right Corner: This area symbolizes romance or love. You want to use red, pink, and white here to enhance this area of your life. Also, have pairs of everything-two chairs, two plants, and so forth. You do not want any single lonely item withering your love away. Candles are good in this area. Your grill is also safe here. The best elements to use in this section are wood and water.

Left Corner: This area represents money. Use combinations of purple, red, and gold to promote financial harmony. They too help promote wealth. Do not keep trash cans in this area. They symbolize the “throwing away” of prosperity. Do not have your grill in this area either; the barbecue will symbolize your money being incinerated. Use metals here, they promote wealth.

Center or Full Width of Home: The center promotes reputation-you can be the toast of the neighborhood! Use reds, oranges, and greens. The use of wood in furniture here is beneficial.

Now that you have the knowledge to decorate your patio the Feng Shui way, it is time to improve your patio and your life!