Patio Door Window Treatment Options: Privacy And Shade Patio Door Window Treatment Options: Privacy And Shade

Patio door window treatment doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be fun to decorate according to your family’s needs. There are more options than you might think.

Wide Variety of Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds have come a long way, so your choices are varied and unique. Vertical blinds can be found in aluminum styles, vinyl, cloth and faux wood. The wide variety of colors and materials makes it easier to match your other window treatments. You can also mount this type of blind to the ceiling.

Sliding Panel Track Blinds

These blinds are actually overlapping fabric panels that glide on a wheeled system. These are a very good option for protection from the sun as they can come as a solar screen. They can also be found in woven wood or patterned fabric.

Drapes and Curtains Are Classics

The option that has been around the longest is the regular drapes or curtains on a traverse rod. This is a good option for you if you don’t have to worry much about the cold air getting in. However, if you live in a climate that would warrant keeping the heat in as much as possible in the winter than these are not the right option for you. 

The positive thing about drapes or curtains is that the style designs are limitless so you can find anything you are looking for or simply make your own. Plus, they are easier to clean, simply take them down and wash them or take them to the dry cleaner. 

Cellular Shades Are Practical and Fun

This is a fun option as well as practical. These are the ‘honeycomb’ type shades. Cellular blinds work well when you need to think about insulating your home. These shades can come in single, double or even triple cell design. The more cells the better as far as insulation. They also come in different colors and can close vertically or horizontally. These type can also open and shut from the top, a great privacy option.

Solar Shades to Maintain a View

Solar shades are a terrific choice for those who don’t want to detract from a patio with a view but do want to maintain privacy and also be energy efficient. These are made of a synthetic mesh fabric much like screens. The reduction in glare is also a nice benefit.

Awning Shades Patio Window

If you are mostly looking to shade the patio window and are happy with your inner décor then an outside awning may be the right answer for you.  There are many options in color and style to choose from. You can even install a retractable awning to use just when you need it.

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