Patio Fire Pit Types

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If you're trying to get more living space out of your backyard, a patio fire pit will allow you to enjoy hearth and home under an open sky. Like any patio accessory, fire pits come in a large range of styles and options, some of which are quite simple while others are the first step in turning your backyard into a showplace. You can view different models at home and patio furnishings stores as well as home improvement stores.

You can choose between fire pits that are permanently installed in the backyard or portable units that can be put away and stored in cooler months. Some fire pits run on gas, others propane, and others fire logs. Patio fire pits come in square or round shapes, or you can custom design the shape that you want.

1. Campfire Style

Some patio fire pit models give homeowners the opportunity to enjoy a traditional campfire right outside their back door. These models are easy to operate and are cleaner as they burn gas rather than firewood. They mimic a campfire and can be permanently installed in the ground or there are some portable units available.

2. Pre-fab

Some fire pit models are already constructed and ready to be placed in the yard. They operate on gas rather than logs and are portable enough to be moved from area to area. They tend to be round or oval and made of iron with a removable cover that keeps the smoke at bay.

3. Chimenea

large patio sitting area with fireplace

Another popular fire pit is the Mexican chimenea. Commonly made of clay, a chimenea is a free-standing vertical fireplace with a wide mouth at the bottom that narrows into a chimney at the top. Its traditional design is similar to a small rustic oven and it can easily become a conversation piece. Some chimeneas are also made from iron.

These units require special care when cleaning. On the down side, clay chimeneas are hot to the touch and should not be placed directly on a wood surface. They can also crack easily if tipped over.

4. In-ground

A professional can install a permanent in-ground fire pit or you can build one yourself (see how in "Build Your Own Fire Pit"). An in-ground fire pit usually starts out as a hole in the ground and then has inlaid stones on the sides to contain the fire.

A patio fire pit can be a great place for family and friends to gather on cool summer evenings or as winter approaches. Fire pits can add romance and coziness to a backyard setting, or just a good place to roast a marshmallow.