Patio Heater Repair: Tips and Mistakes to Avoid

A patio.

If your patio heater is not working, don’t call that patio heater repair company just yet. A few simple things can be done to save a couple of hundred dollars. Just make a routine check of everything, since the problem could be very elementary. However, don’t underestimate the probable causes of problems either. Here are some mistakes to avoid and some tips when it comes to patio heater repair.

1. Drilling Pilot Light

Never drill the pilot light. You will not be able to control this flame if it goes out of control. Since this is the main source of the flame, messing with it could be costly.

2. Not Killing the Main Source

When fiddling with your patio heater, make sure that you kill the main gas switch or the main circuit breaker if it runs on electricity. Not doing so could cause injury.

3. Using Incorrect Parts

When doing your patio heater repair, make sure that the parts you are replacing are up to specifications. Always make sure that they are exactly the same as the ones they are replacing. As much as possible, do not settle for substitutions because it could be more costly in the long run and your patio heater repair bill will increase substantially.