Patio Landscaping Design Ideas Patio Landscaping Design Ideas

Your patio is the area where the interior and exterior of your home converge and meet, and good patio landscaping ideas and planning can help transform your patio area from a drab slab of cement to an enjoyable area full of ambience and color. Not only is a patio a good place for a barbecue or getting a sun tan, patios are great place for relaxing general. This article will discuss some patio landscaping ideas to help transfer transform your patio into a place that is both inviting and restful.

Patio Landscaping Design Tips

If you are going to be using patio furniture, make sure to plan your furniture layout carefully and allow enough area so that you do not feel crowded or cramped by placing too large or too much furniture. In fact, you should choose your patio furniture first, so that you can plan your patio design and landscaping around the styling of your furniture. This is much easier than it sounds; just match colors of plant stands and pots with the color of the furniture or the seats cushions that the furniture uses. You can also use contrasting flower colors to help create a sense of something different yet continuous and flowing.

If you have a rather large patio, you are not limited to pots or landscaping plants, but you can also choose to build and large, square or rectangle or planters that can help break up your patio and create the semblance of partitions or different areas.

Useful Patio Plant Ideas

Your patio is the transition area from the interior of your house to your backyard; just as you use plants to if effectively landscape your yard, so should you use plants to help landscape your patio. However, when choosing patio plants, you need to ensure that you choose varieties that can do well in the shade and can survive for a few days should you forget to water them regularly. Perennials such as geraniums and fuchsia are excellent choices for patio plants. They do well in pots, and can generally survive without a lot of maintenance besides the occasional watering.

When developing design plans for a large patio area, you might want to consider some varieties of small trees. For example, a small palm tree, some varieties of citrus trees or other varieties such as Weeping Willows and Japanese Maple Trees make beautiful additions to larger patios. These types of trees help to create fairly tall focal points in your patio area and can even offer minimal amounts of additional shade on your patio.

If you'll be using plant stands in addition to hanging pots, be sure to position your plant stands so that they are easily viewed when sitting at your patio table. Choose plants that are interesting and provide a lot of color to help accent the corner areas of your patio.

In short, plants placed on plant stands should be focal points for some of your more prized flowers or plants.

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