Patio Landscaping with Patio Plant Stands Patio Landscaping with Patio Plant Stands

If you're looking for good ideas for your patio area, patio plant stands can help you quickly add a sense of character and style to your patio area. While hanging plants are common in many patio areas, plant stands allow you a way to keep plants at eye level when sitting and enjoying your patio area. They offer the added benefit of making the watering of your plants quicker and easier.

Types of Patio Plant Stands

When you begin searching for available designs and types of patio plant stands, you will find that there is no shortage both in design types and designs. However, you will find that most plants banns share one thing in common and that would be the general height of the stand. Most plant stands range in height from about 28 inches to 32 inches, as this is the height that is most comfortable for people when watering or caring for their plants. Your local hardware store or garden nursery supply store will have many different designs and types of plant stands available for immediate purchase

However, you might want to consider using other types of plant stands rather than the ones sold commercially. For example, you can build your old plant stands rather cheaply and design unique and something that appeals to you if you are handy with a hammer and saw. Alternatively, you can choose other types of plant stands like old barrels, old cable wire roll spindles or almost anything else that you can imagine. You should not let yourself be limited by what is simply available at your local hardware store. Be creative in choosing plant stands and choose something that you think is interesting and stylish.

Plant Stand Placement Considerations

When choosing the area of your patio to place your plant stands, you should first consider your patio table and seating arrangement, and then plan your plants stand locations accordingly. For example, if your patio table and chairs are located in the center of your patio area, you will want to make sure that your plant stands are in opposite corners that are easily viewed from sitting positions at the table. Wherever you decide to place your plant stands, try to place them in an area where they can be viewed and enjoyed by those that will be sitting at your patio table.

Also, if you will be using a combination of hanging plants and plant stands, you might want to use the plant stands for your most treasured plants and flowers or simply for those that require the most care and maintenance. As a rule of thumb, you should use your hanging pots for patio plants that require less care as many people tend to avoid watering and caring for plants that are higher up.

Plant stands are an excellent way to show off your beautiful flowers and plants, and can make interesting conversation pieces on their own. Be creative and let your imagination run wild when choosing plant stands ideas, and consider making your own. There is no accepted method or rule for plant stand design or placement; therefore, use plant stands in your patio in the manner that most pleases you.

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