Patio Materials: Comparing Brick and Stone Patio Materials: Comparing Brick and Stone

If you want to build a patio in your garden, you may feel overwhelmed by the choice of patio materials that are available to you. There are so many materials that can be used to make a garden patio that you may be overwhelmed and confused about which material will work best. The choices range from built pavers, to something more unusual, such as flagstones. When you are deciding what are the right patio materials, you need to consider the design of your structure, what it will be used for and how much work you want to put into it.

Using Bricks

Bricks are the most traditional of all patio materials, and they are convenient and people use them for a number of reasons. The main reason is that they can be used by almost anyone and they are cheap to buy and easy to lay. You can create an enormous number of designs and patterns by using brick pavers on your patio. Many people use these themselves because they are easier to work with when compared to concrete or gravel. There are many patio building kits that help with designs and offer all of the patio materials that you need. On the downside, because they are used commonly, they do not add extra interest to your garden.

Using Stone

Stone can be adapted in a number of ways in order to create a good patio. They can be cut into pavers, and laid almost as though they were brick. Because of their size, they can also form large squares. You can also find stone patio materials which feature ordinary flagstones, flattened on one side in order to provide a patio feel. These kinds of stones can be used if you want to create a natural feel in your garden. For example, you can lay the flagstones with gaps in between and add grass, , giving them an interesting appeal.

Using a Combination

If you can't decide between stone and brick as your patio materials, then one answer is to combine them into the same patio. You can add brick pavers along the edge and include the brick to the foundation of the patio. The flagstones, slate, or other stone materials can create a central pattern for your patio. This gives you the option of having the simplicity of the bricks, but also retaining the attractiveness of stones.

Combining Other Materials

You can also use bricks with other patio materials, such as concrete, in order to extend the flexibility of your patio. For example, you could combine the stone patio with concrete to give you a firm bed on which to put the stones. You can also use large concrete slabs with brick to give a quick finish to the patio. 

There are many looks and patterns that you can create on your own. Research your preferred style online. 

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