Patio Paving Materials Patio Paving Materials

Patio paving is an exciting venture for homeowners. A well designed and maintained patio helps the appearance of your home. Careful thought should go into what materials you choose for paving. Various materials are available on the market for patios. Much of your choice will be determined by cost, aesthetics and practicality. Below are 4 different paving materials you may want to consider.


This is one of the inexpensive options for patios. Concrete is resilient and durable. Once laid out, it will last tens of years. It has a high versatility which allows you to achieve whatever design you choose. With concrete you can have a smooth, patterned or unique rough surface. Color options are also virtually unlimited with concrete patios. Stains and dyes can be used to give you the color of your preference. Concrete requires some routine maintenance to sustain its good condition. A sealant is recommended once every couple of years. Polishing should be done occasionally. Otherwise, general cleaning can be done when necessary.


It is one of the oldest materials used for paving patios. Brick has different degrees of strength. It is also produced to be most efficient, according to whatever climatic zone it is used in. Some grades are more appropriate for warmer climates while others are best for a freezing environment. A brick patio gives an endearing old-world look. Brick is an affordable option when it comes to patio materials.

The installation of a brick patio is a fairly simple process. It is possible to lay brick in many different ways. This gives you several design options you can implement. Unfortunately, color options are somewhat limited when it comes to brick patios. Brick patios don’t require much maintenance. However, should individual pieces crack or break, this spoils the surface beauty. You’ll be compelled to replace single bricks when necessary. Fortunately, replacement is an easy job to undertake. Brick patios hardly require any other maintenance measures.


Patio tiles are one of the more expensive choices for patio needs. However, prices also vary depending on the tile type. You can select tiles that fit within your budget. Some common varieties are porcelain, ceramic, terracotta and clay tiles. A variety of different looks can be achieved with tiles. Design, size and style options are endless. You can get smooth, patterned or rough-textured tiles. Tiles are versatile and can be laid over a previous concrete patio.


If you want to create a unique and charming landscape, flagstone is a good choice. Flagstone is made by splitting large flat stones of varying thickness. You can get flagstone in granite, limestone, quartz, slate or limestone. Color choice is somewhat limited and depends on the type of stone. Installation of a flagstone patio is a job you can undertake yourself. You can set flagstone on gravel or sand. Mortar can also be used to join individual pieces. It is best to choose pieces that are uniform in width. This will help make installation easier. Stones of varying width will produce an uneven surface

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