Patio Privacy Fence Styles and Options Patio Privacy Fence Styles and Options

Patio privacy for some people is not a problem. They are happy to share their outdoor time with neighbors, especially if they have adjoining patios. Other people aren’t quite so optimistic about it. So what can they do?

Invisible Patio

The most obvious answer to having privacy on your patio is to build it where it will not be seen by other people. One of the considerations for building a patio is the degree of privacy granted by the location.


For patios with low walls, privacy will be afforded by higher walls. A simple method of increasing the height of a wall is to add something to the top of it. Trellis work is a light weight option and can be made of wood, nylon or metal. If the trellis needs to be reinforced to provide the level of privacy required, plants can do that job very well. Common vines like ivy, woodbine or even convolvulus can soon turn open trellis work into impenetrable curtains of greenery. A big advantage of using vegetation to provide privacy is that it also is a very efficient sound suppressor.

Vinyl Privacy Fence

The flexibility in both finish and color makes vinyl privacy fencing a very good alternative. Vinyl is easy to care for and light, so there you won't be overloading the wall if you put a vinyl fence on top. A shadow box fence would allow the breeze to blow across your patio and also reduce the strain on the fence in high winds. A vinyl fence colored and designed to look like natural wicker work will add to the outdoor feel of your patio.

Other Privacy Fencing

Privacy can be provided by the use of curtains that could be lowered from the roof of the patio or from a specially built frame work. The curtains can be something as simple as weighted netting so that it can hang without billowing too much in the wind. The curtains can also be made from grasses and reeds to keep an outdoor aesthetic. These curtains will be raised when not in use so will be protected for much of the time. If it is better, the curtains could be hung to open horizontally.

Extending the Wall

The patio wall could be built higher to provide privacy. Before carrying out the increase, it should be confirmed that the foundations will support the extra weight. The weight of a wall extension could be reduced by using frosted glass windows. These would also allow more light onto the patio and ease any ‘closed in’ feeling.

As with anything that will affect your neighbors, you should consider the effect your choice will have on them. While your open patio may look quite attractive from your neighbor’s deck, it could turn into a monstrous eye-sore if you added a white vinyl fence on top of it. It is a good idea to let them know what you intend and get some feed back from them to prevent later acrimony.

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