Patio Privacy: Inexpensive and Easy Ideas

Patio privacy is important when you are outside trying to relax after a long day. There are several things that you can do to ensure that your patio is kept private from nosey neighbors or random onlookers. Below are some helpful tips and hints on how to inexpensively keep your patio area private.


There are inexpensive types of fences that you can use to get a little bit of privacy in your yard. If it is just your patio that you wish to keep private then you will not need to get much fencing to get the job done.


Planting privacy shrubs or bushes is inexpensive and easy. Most bushes or shrubs do not require a lot of work or maintenance and can provide to you with years of privacy. Trees are also an excellent source of privacy. The only drawback with these is that it will normally take these several years to grow until they will be able to fully cover your patio area.

Patio Privacy Screen

A patio privacy screen can be built, without the help of professionals, in the matter of a weekend. There are several different types of patio screens to choose from, each with their own level of privacy for your outdoor patio.