Patio Privacy Screen Design Ideas Patio Privacy Screen Design Ideas

A patio privacy screen can provide solitude after a long hard day. When you want to set out on your patio and relax the last thing you should have to worry about are nosey neighbors. When you are out on your patio consider it your own little sanctuary away from the rest of the world. To help keep up the fantasy, a patio privacy screen can help. Below are some tips as well as hints on how to get your patio privacy screen designed exactly how you want it.


Privacy around the patio should look however you want it to. Search around in magazines and flip through do-it-yourself shows to get a good idea of what type of design you would like for your patio privacy screen. Don’t forget to look online as well. There are a vast amount of designs to choose from. Don’t allow yourself to get overwhelmed. Remember to try to go with the décor and theme of your home and garden. This should be a good starting point for what type of design will work best for your privacy patio screen.


Once you have been able to narrow down your search for the right design you will need to get some plans drawn up. Don't hold back. This is just the first step, so be sure to write down or draw out any idea that comes into your head. Even if it doesn’t seem like a great idea at first, it could lead to one that will work perfectly for your privacy patio screen.

Think of the type of decoration that you wish to have on your screen. If you want to start simple and work your way up over time then a good way to start is by adding some color to the privacy patio screen frame. If you do not wish to start off so simple then you can make your own screen that has lots of different patterns and designs on it.

Take your designs that you drew out earlier and hold them up to your screen. This will help give you a good idea of what is going to look best on it.

Making Your Design

Once you have made a firm commitment on the type of design you are going to need some supplies. Go to your local hardware store. You are going to need some wood as well as wood stains or paint, depending on the type of designs you are going to want to do.

Be sure to measure out the privacy patio screen before you start to make your design. From there you will need to follow the design that you had previously drawn out. Use your materials and measurements wisely so you will only have to do it once.

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