Patio String Lights: Installation Tips

Patios string lights are an easy way to add relatively inexpensive, yet effective, lighting to your patio, porch and yard area. Patio lights are available in many types of styles and a variety of colors. There are styles suitable for everyday use and also themed styles which use plastic covers for special occasions. Generally speaking, installing patio string lights is a fairly simple and straightforward process.

Tips for Installing Patio String Lights

One of the most important parts of installing patio string lights will be determining how much lighting you actually need. Therefore, you should measure the area that you intend to light with string lights. Also, you should always take the time to lay out the patio lights along the floor or ground of the area to be lighted. This will help you determine how the lights will look in a particular area as well as help you determine if you need more or less lighting.

When hanging your patio string lights, you might find it is easier to simply use small hardware hooks placed at 12 inch intervals. However, you may also use electrical staples to secure the cord of the string lights. However, if you use staples always ensure that they are the type designed to be used with electrical wiring.