Pattern Ideas for Glass Landscaping Rocks in Garden or Fountain Pattern Ideas for Glass Landscaping Rocks in Garden or Fountain

Glass landscaping rocks in your garden, or as part of your fountain, are a great idea. Here are some ways to use these rocks. You may use these ideas, or work off of them and improvise, thus making them your own.

Background on Glass Landscape Rocks

Glass landscape rock can be expensive, but you can get around this by using a variety of in-fill materials (such as bark, stone etc.) so that you do not have to spend too much. This also addd to creating as many varieties of patterns as possible. Glass landscape rock can be used in as many ways as you like. When designing your patterns, you might want to draw the design on paper first, to calculate the amount of material you need, and choose your color-scheme. Remember to include where your plants are, and any other existing landscaping in your pattern. The idea is to add to and enhance your garden. Water would create an interesting visual effect.  These are only a few pattern ideas for the use of glass landscaping rock. You may improvise and adapt many pattern ideas to suit your garden and taste.

Shell Pattens

A great idea is to use the pattern of the inside of shells; the ones with the spirals on the inside are especially great to use. It is also neatly and perfectly divided, and your color scheme would fit in perfectly into the shapes. This is also an excellent idea for your fountain. You could use this in your bird-bath, which could form part of a fountain or water-feature.

Square Glass Tubes

Another great idea would be to use clear, square glass tubes, in different heights and widths, around the garden. These could be filled with different colors of glass rock. You could also group them together. It would be especially interesting if they are placed in the garden where the soft evening sunset could catch the colors in the tubes under your fountain.

Country Scene

Turn your garden into a little country scene. Dig a little riverbed and, instead of filling it with water, create a “stream” with your glass landscaping rock. The stream could have interesting little side streams running through your garden and ending up in a little pool filled with glass landscape rock. The pool could have a fountain as well.

Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns would add an artistic feel to your garden. Here, you could use the simplest shapes (such as squares, triangles, rectangles and circles) integrated with your existing foliage. These shapes can be combined or used individually, and can be integrated in a myriad of ways.Create three-dimensional shapes, fill them with different color glass landscape rock and turn these into fountains of different shapes, placed in one spot or scattered around the garden.

Autumn Leaves 

Autumn leaves lying under the trees or plants can sometimes create quite a lovely scene. Use this as an idea to scatter glass landscaping rock “leaves” around your garden. Different shaped leaf patterns can be used.

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