Pattern Ideas for Natural Stone Tiles in the Kitchen Pattern Ideas for Natural Stone Tiles in the Kitchen

Natural stone tiles are becoming increasingly common in newly renovated kitchens. Many homeowners like the look of the natural stone tiles as they are renovating their home. Natural stone gives off a warmer feel to a kitchen for comfort and character. One of the problems that people have is in finding a pattern that they like and feel like having for the next 15 years. Here is a short list of different pattern ideas that you can use with your natural stone tile installation. 

Simple Tile Installation

The easiest pattern idea is to simply allow the pattern of the tiles to be your idea. Depending on the actual type of natural stone you are buying you could simply install them on the wall as they are. No elaborate designs or complicated patterns. Many people find that when they begin to install the natural stone tile in this way they start to see a pattern naturally emerge. 

Choose Warm Colors

There are several different natural stone tiles on the market today that consumers can look at and purchase. One of the most popular styles are those with warm colors and hues. With the warmer colors the pattern can be easily addressed as you lay them out on your own. 

Mix Tile and Glass

For a nice looking backsplash, mix some glass tile in with the natural stone tile. You can use a lighter color with the warm hues in an alternating pattern. Or, switch the tiles into a herringbone type of pattern. Whichever way, the contract between the glass tile and the natural stone tile, both in texture and color, will present a striking look. 

Create A Mural

This is a perfect pattern idea for that large wall in your kitchen that you do not know what to do with it. A mural can also be a great idea for a backsplash, or even countertop. Have the natural stone tile custom painted with warmer colors that depict a picture of a hillside, countryside, or seascape. You will find that this pattern idea is going to be something that raises the most conversation. 

Choose Random Natural Stone Tiles

Making use of the different natural stone tiles in your pattern is also a great idea to add a dramatic statement. The different tones, textures, and sizes can bring out some of the other aspects of your kitchen. Choose random tiles and materials and place them in a rather random pattern in the kitchen.

Use A Border

Another pattern idea that does not take a lot of work, or design elements, is to place the tiles on the surface inside a border of another type of tile. These tiles can be much smaller and only used to accent the natural stone tiles that are inside the border. 

Cut Tiles in Irregular Shapes

One of the great design features of a tile tabletop, or patio area, is the irregular shapes that people break, or cut, the tile into. Use the same approach to a natural stone tile backsplash or countertop. This can be quite labor intensive, but the finished look will be well worth the effort. 

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