Paul Mitchell Flat Irons

With prices ranging from about $130 to $175, Paul Mitchell flat irons are capable of straightening hair, adding waves, curling or creating stylish flips. Known for their high-quality hair care products, flat irons from Paul Mitchell include the Express Ion Style 1.0 and the Express Ion Smooth 1.25. Delivering shinier, conditioned hair, Paul Mitchell flat irons feature innovative silicone strips that polish locks. Suitable for short, long, thick or thin hair, achieve the desired look in no time at all with Paul Mitchell. 

Flat Iron Design

Heating up in 60 seconds, Paul Mitchell flat irons can be set up to 400 degrees F. If accidentally turned off during use, they have excellent heat recovery. A digital temperature control allows for a more precise heat selection. They feature a 75-Watt, far infrared heating element that efficiently transfers heat to the dual ceramic plates. These plates feature beveled edges to allow for greater stylistic options. Additionally, their slim design lets one straighten hair closer to the scalp.


Paul Mitchell flat irons condition hair from the inside out, sealing in moisture and preventing cuticles from fraying. The ceramic plates, when superheated, release negative ions which counteract frizziness and wild, statically-charged strands. The result is smoother, silkier hair that's healthier and looks great.