Paver Pool Deck Construction: Mistakes to Avoid

A good pool deck construction will not only make your pool area aesthetically pleasing, but will also add value to the property. Due to the complexities of the task there are certain mistakes to avoid that are critical to the project's success.

Poor Base Work

Under the paving, there should be 4 inches of base work for pedestrian traffic or 6 inches for vehicle traffic. Should there be insufficient depth for the needs of the pool deck construction then problems will arise. Fifty percent of all pool deck construction problems arise from poor base work.

Quality of the Pavers

Poor quality pavers are simply not up to the job. They may save a little at the start of the project but will cost more in the long run as they are more prone to cracking under the weight of vehicles. Pavers of this kind are often used as they have an aesthetically pleasing design. They are however fraught with problems.

Laying Thin Bases Over Thick Paver Base Work

Thin pavers are designed to lay over existing pedestrian walkways as an aesthetic touch. If they are laid directly over the base work they are more prone to cracking and subsequently will crack or work loose over time. Thin pavers cannot support the weight of vehicle traffic, and they cannot support child safety fences which is a serious health and safety issue.