Paver Retaining Wall Construction: How to Build Corners

What You'll Need
Paver bricks
Spirit level

If you need to add corners during your retaining wall construction, then you will want to consider using it as an extra reinforcement. Adding corners to any kind of wall which takes weight can be difficult, and this is typically so on a retaining wall construction. In order to make the corners, it is usually a good idea to bring the two walls together gradually, and then build the corner at the last. This will allow you to add different materials to the corner, giving it greater strength. When you are using paver bricks in your retaining wall construction, adding reinforcement material will give your individual bricks greater strength.

Step 1 - Design the Corner

Lay out your retaining wall using some pegs, paying particular attention to the corner. Use a peg and string to travel along the north-to-south wall, and another string to measure out the east-to-west wall. Where the two strings cross will be the position of the corner. You should dig carefully around the edge of the corner, making sure that you have as solid an angle as possible. If necessary, use a framing square to get exactly the right position. You should then take a metal post, and hammer this into the very middle of the corner, exactly where the 2 lines cross. This will be used for extra support.

Step 2 - Build the Walls

Start building the walls. These should be travelling towards each other, and your bricks should also be staggered, so that you will end up with a wall series looking like a capital "E", and a reversed image on the other side. Build the walls towards each other until you are within five bricks length of the other wall. You should then lay the pavers so that the first layer meets at the corner.

Step 3 - Add a Second Layer

You should then take your mesh, and lay a piece over both sides of the wall, so that a "V" shape meats in the middle. Take your mortar, and spread this over the top of your mesh using a trowel. You can then place another layer of bricks over the top of the mesh. This layer should finish with bricks from the opposite wall extending towards the corner. Repeat this process until you have completed the wall, with the bricks from opposite sides reaching the corner in alternate layers.

Step 4 - Finishing

When you have completed enough layers of the roof to cover the metal corner, you should cease using the mesh, and proceed as though you were building the rest of the wall. Brick pavers can be surmounted with a layer of tiles, or slabs, so that you have a roof-like effect. Allow the pavers time to settle into the mortar and dry thoroughly, and then you can add brackets to the metal pole on both sides, which will add another layer of reinforcement to your wall.