Paver Sealers for Creating a Wet Look

Paver sealers can create an enhanced “wet” look that will readily turn a few heads. The effect is a darkening or semi-gloss shine. It’s the acrylic in the paver sealer that deepens the natural tone of pavers and gives them that sought after fresh look.

A good exercise is to take a walk around your home and examine any area made from bricks. Any bricks or pavers not sealed with a protective sealer will have cracks from such contaminants as dirt, grime, grease or weeds.

Paver Sealers work by penetrating deep into brick or concrete and filling the microscopic voids. Moisture vapor transmission is blocked by the internal sealer, which helps the topical coating to adhere.

Read Product Directions

Every manufacturer’s product will vary slightly. This is why it’s important to read the directions to find out how to apply the product, how many coats of sealer to use, how long to wait before adding the next coat, and how to clean up after you’re done. Thoroughly getting it right the first time can save you a lot of time and effort that might otherwise be wasted.

Solvent-base Paver Sealer

You can opt for paver sealers that come in a water-base or solvent-base. The solvent base needs 1 coat of application per ratio of 100 square feet per gallon. If using the solvent base, apply with a roller or metal sprayer and expect the application to dry in several hours. Within 24 hours, the application can be driven on.

Water-base Paver Sealer

A water-base paver sealer requires 2 coats as a standard application. You can easily apply the compound with a roller or garden sprayer. The water - base sealer dries in 2 to 4 hours, but is highly recommended for driveway use. All other types of patios and walkways are perfect for the water base sealer. Besides being easy to use and easy on the environment, a water - base sealer can actually help to stabilize the sand and lock it into place.

Paver Sealer Characteristics

Many paver sealers will have a mild odor and will be classified as non-toxic and non-harzardous. The appearance can be milky-white in a liquid state, which dries to a flat finish. Paver sealers also have good coverage in the application and can be applied immediately because they’re breathable. Indoor or outdoors, the application is just as effective.

Paver sealers are also noted for their ease of installation and environmental friendliness in reducing the formation of efflorescence. Efflorescence is the discoloring that can develop on the face of concrete or bricks.

The Benefits of Paver Sealers are Numerous

  • The finish will not chip or peel
  • Blocks will not stain from engine fuel or oil
  • Weeds are eliminated
  • Reduces the nuisances that insects can cause
  • Unaffected by water or ice
  • Suitable for interior/exterior work
  • Resistant to an entire range of industrial chemicals

There really is no downside in applying paver sealers that will give your patio or driveway the look and protection that can help it last a lifetime.