A Simplified Style for Paying Bills on Time A Simplified Style for Paying Bills on Time

It is best to have a simple system in place to pay your bills on time. Read this article for advice on organizing your monthly finances.

Keep It Simple

Many people depend on sophisticated systems to manage their bills. Complicated software and shuffling accounts around like a deck of cards only leads to inevitable trouble. If you rely on memory to pay bills, it won't get done.

Hipster PDAs consist of a series of 3x5-inch index cards which are held together by a binder clip. As each bill comes in, one adds the bill to the card, along with amount due and due date. A check box allows the user to record that the bill was paid on time.

The free DIY Planner 2 Hipster PDA Edition consists of a series of 34 organizational and planning templates designed for printing onto index cards. It gives the user a choice of different styles, layouts and options. The simplicity of this system is that it is carried it in a pocket or purse.

For the Home Office

To keep track of things in a home office, nothing beats a large grease board. As a bills arrive in the mail, they are recorded on the calendar with the amount due. This system, along with a Hipster PDA, works great.

The idea is to keep it simple and in front of you at all times. A quick run through of the Hipster each morning gives you an overview of what you need to accomplish that day. Give this system a try; you will be amazed how it simplifies your life.

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