Bring Peace Into Your Home With An Indoor Water Fountain Bring Peace Into Your Home With An Indoor Water Fountain

Few people do not enjoy and relax to the natural and comforting gentle images and sounds of gurgling and cascading water. That is one of reasons these sounds and images have become a fountain in the spa industry today. Incorporating these sights and sounds in your home has never been easier then it is today. In years gone by indoor water fountains were primarily enjoyed in luxury spas, hotels and resorts but in recent years there has been an explosion of indoor water features developed and designed for the average home owner.

Indoor wall fountains make a strong bold statement about you and your home because they bring into the home a sense of mystery and the natural world. Aesthetically these features really attract attention and very visually and audibly appealing. They can be used to create a very unique decor while offering other benefits besides simply visual. They have a strong history of use for the very purpose of bringing tranquility to a room or setting.

Aside from their visual benefits they can also serve some very practical roles. The gentle constant sounds of gurgling water also help drown out undesired background noise and can promote a sense of peace and tranquility to a room. They also serve as a fantastic natural humidifier and with the constant flow of fresh water can bring a fresh scent to a room.

All indoor home fountains all operate on a similar and simple premise. A small water pump circulates the water from a collection basin at the base of the feature to the fountain head at the top of the feature. Gravity takes care of the rest. The water simply circulates through the unit.

Essentially there are 3 main options when considering an indoor fountain for your home.

  • Wall Fountains – Wall mounted fountains are excellent focal point wall pieces that are sure to set the tone for any while making a strong impression to guests and visitors. Wall fountains are mounted on the wall as their name suggests and typically have a light at the top of the unit that eliminates the feature. Popular wall fountains or water walls as they are commonly referred to are made of granite or slate.

    It is important to choose a wall fountain that esthetically fits into the room that you wish to mount it in. One of the rules of thumb is that for a room with a low ceiling, choose a unit that is larger horizontally then vertically and vise versa. In a room with a higher vaulted ceiling a vertical unit is typically better suited. It is recommended that before you make a purchase, pre-determine the size of fountain you want and that will look best. Make a mock model with a piece of cardboard. Cut a piece of cardboard the size of the unit you wish to purchase and see how the size fits the wall and room. This visual can be very helpful to help visualize what the final product my look like on the wall.

      It is also strongly suggested to place a GFI electrical plug on the wall behind the feature with a wall switch. This will keep the electrical cord hid behind the feature and make it very convenient to turn the feature on and off.

    • Table Top Fountains – These smaller self contained units are simply placed on a table or desk as a decor accessory. Even though these features are typically small in size they can be very instrumental in creating an ambiance and atmosphere within the room they are placed. One of the most common mistakes in purchasing a table top fountain is incorrect sizing. The best and simplest sizing advice is to place a bowl or stack of books in the desired location to help identify what size unit will fit best in the space you have available. It will be important to choose a location that has access to a power outlet. If there is no electrical plug available a battery operated unit should be purchased. There are literally thousands of different designs and models available that fit and match all decor styles imaginable.

    • Standing Floor Fountains – Floor Fountains are similar to table top units however they are typically larger vertically then horizontally. These units are an excellent consideration for adding structure and texture to a room as a floor decor accessory. It is important to make sure that these units are not placed in a hall or high traffic area as they can impede the natural flow of traffic. They are also not suited to stand alone as a feature along a large empty wall. These units also should be placed near an electrical plug. One consideration that should be considered is that floor fountains can be a health or even safety hazard for both house pets and small children.
    There is no doubt that our homes are a reflection of ourselves. The colors, designs, accessories and decor reflect a wide spectrum of styles and with each different style each room has a feel or atmosphere of its own. Regardless of your decor style, an indoor fountain can be a powerful component within the decor and also make a bold statement about you.

    Garth has always been fascinated by the mystery and wonder of moving water. This fascination led him to develop Premium Indoor This information based web site helping others see the possibilities and value of incorporating the soothing sights and sounds of water through an indoor water fountain into their life spaces.

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