Pedestal Sink Installation: Mistakes to Avoid

Pedestal sink installation can be a somewhat tricky task. Pedestal sinks have remained the most stylish option for your home, as opposed to countertop and vanity style sinks. This is due to the fact that with a pedestal sink, you can make the most out of the space available.

As mentioned above, due to the specific design of a pedestal sink, the installation of such a sink can be faced with some difficulties.


When installing the plumbing for a pedestal sink, you have to be very accurate, that is, all of the piping has to be at a specific height. The latter is due to the fact that if the plumbing is done carelessly, when it is finished, although it may work perfectly, it will be horrible to look at. Therefore, make sure that all of the pipes, along with the drain, are installed at the correct height to avoid any aesthetic failures.

An important thing to do is to not rely blindly on the manufacturer's manual/instructions but always measure before attaching because the instructions given are made for general circumstances and are not tailor made.


When installing a brand new pedestal sink, you have to be very careful because china breaks very easily. When working with china, you have to have a lot of patience. Otherwise, you will cause damage to it. Therefore, when using plumbing equipment, use them with caution. Be very careful because the porcelain can also crack if you over tighten the bolts securing the pedestal sink.

Bolting and Weight

To install the pedestal sink correctly, you have to bolt it to the wall behind the actual sink, so make sure that all of the measurements are taken correctly, and before bolting the faucet and the sink, be certain that the water supply is working as it should be (check for any leaks), otherwise, you would have to repair the leak in a very tight, unpleasant space. It is advisable to use heavy duty anchors to bolt the sink. If there is only plaster (or drywall), then you have to install a blocking under the wall surface so that it will support the weight.


Always double check the markings you have made because once they are drilled, it would be very difficult to amend the mistakes. Also, due to such carelessness, you would have to repeat the process once again, wasting precious time.

Once this is done, install the water supply pipes and the faucet. Next, turn on the water supply and check that everything is working smoothly, and if not, fix it immediately.

Ask for help

Pedestal sinks are quite heavy, so it is much simpler if the job is done between two people. The help is critically needed when you have to mount the sink on the pedestal and try to line it with the drain pipes. All of the installation can be made in a jiffy if you seek the help of a friend.

As you can see, when installing a pedestal sink, you have to take some precautions in order to ensure that the job is done accurately and without any unnecessary damage.