Pedestal Table Base Design Ideas

If you want a unique look for your pedestal table you may want to try these design ideas.

Old Items

If you want the usual wooden pedestal for your table, but still want something a bit different, why not try searching your local architectural salvage business for old porch posts or pillars? A pillar most likely will be large enough to support a table top without any further additions other than cutting it to the correct height.

Another salvage yard find would be to purchase 2 or 3 porch posts and cut them to size then band them together with copper strips. The copper will eventually turn a greenish hue to go with the peeling paint on the porch posts. This would make a great shabby chic look and would work very well in a garden setting.


Speaking of a garden table, try using 2 urns, one on top of the other, to make a table pedestal. You can purchase new ones or old ones that have some moss or cracks to add character. These are available in both cement and plastic. The plastic ones can be painted to any color.

Sewing Machine Base

A long time favorite as a pedestal table base is a wrought iron treadle sewing machine base. All you need to do is lay the table top on top of the base and glue it down and then weight it until the glue dries. These make great microwave stands or tv stands.