Pedestal Table Top: 3 Design Ideas Pedestal Table Top: 3 Design Ideas

A pedestal table top can be used for many different designs. Here are a few ideas for different tables.

Design 1 - Rectangle

A rectangle pedestal table top is great for a kids' room in wood especially if you pick a great bold color. It can be used as a night stand to hold books and a lamp or it can be used for crafts.

Design 2 - Circle

Circle pedestal tables are great in both wood and glass or as an end table in the living room to hold a lamp. Another idea is to have your kitchen table be a pedestal table. This creates a bigger table top in a smaller space if you need it. Another place for a circle table is an entryway to hold pictures or decorations.

Design 3 - Drop Leaf

A drop leaf pedestal table is also great for the kitchen or even a dining room because it gives you more room when you have company and then you can bring it down for everyday use.

There are many different design options to choose from when it comes to pedestal tables. The best thing about them is their versatility. You can use similar tables in the kids' room as the family room.


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