Pellet Stove Hearth Pad Insulation Values

Pellet stove hearth pad insulation is the same as a stove board pad insulation. Hearth pads or stove board pads are used to protect the floor underneath a pellet stove or other free standing fireplace or heater. This piece is made from a non-combustible material that provides the level of protection necessary to retard the amount of heat transfer that takes place between the stove and the floor. The minimum R value or insulation value that is required for a pellet stove hearth pad is 1, although with some products it can be as high as 2 or 2½. Higher hearth pad insulation values are important depending on the amount of heat that is produced by the wood pellet stove.

Determining the type of hearth pad insulation that should be used for your free standing pellet can be determined by the installer of your pellet stove, the manufacturer of the pellet stove and the industry standards set forth for your pellet stove.

Relying on the Pellet Stove Installer

The installer of your pellet stove can determine which brand and type of pellet stove hearth pad that should be used with your stove. The installer can make this determination based on their installation experience and will make the recommendation that is best suited for the type of stove that you are using in the space. If the type of stove being installed gives out a minimum amount of heat, a pellet stove hearth pad with a R value of 1 will be sufficient to reduce the amount of heat transfer and protect the flooring underneath.

Pellet stoves that create a lot of heat will require a pad that has a higher R value.

Manufacturer Recommendation's for Pellet Stove Hearth Pad

The manufacturer will provide information on the pellet stove hearth pad that is recommended for use with their free standing pellet stove. This may be the best source for information regarding the type of hearth pad insulation that should be used and the value that is best recommended for the pellet stove. The manufacturer's recommendation should carry a lot of weight when choosing the insulation pad and in many cases the manufacturer may provide the names of specific brands that work best with their pellet stoves.

Industry Standards for Pellet Stove Hearth Pad

The industry standards are what the manufacturer bases their own recommendation for pellet stove hearth pad insulation. The industry standard sets the minimum for the type of pad that should be used based on its R value. The manufacturer can take this information and create an even higher insulation value for their product or leave their standard at the minimum. 

The insulation values for pellet stove hearth pad insulation allows you to understand the minimum level that you should set for the type of insulation R values that are required for the pellet stove. Each of the above sources provides good information for you to incorporate in your decision process for choosing a pellet stove heath pad.