Pellet Stove Repair

If you need to do repair to your pellet stove, get into contact with a repair technician that is certified by the National Fireplace Institute (NFI). A certified technician will be able to come out determine the type of repair that needs to be done and fix it. This type of repair should always be done by a certified technician to ensure that the repair is properly handled. If you attempt to repair the pellet stove on your own without the proper training, you may cause harm to yourself or your property.

You can find a certified technician for your pellet stove repair through the telephone directory or online. You may also consider consulting with friends who have completed a repair of their pellet stove in order to get the name of a reputable repair technician who has the experience to properly address your pellet stove repair needs. Using the recommendation of a person who has completed this repair gives you an opportunity to vet the individual and make sure that they are right for the job.

Process for Repairing a Pellet Stove

The process for repairing a pellet stove involves hiring a certified technician that has the appropriate experience for repairing pellet stoves. The pellet stove repair technician that you contact should be able to come in and assess the condition of your pellet stove as well as identify the type of repair that needs to be completed for the stove.

Assessing the Repair Needed 

The NFI certified technician should first perform a diagnostic test in order to determine where the problem lies. This diagnostic includes determining what the source of the problem is with the pellet stove. The repair diagnostic will pinpoint the location of the repair problem and help the technician determine how to proceed with the repair.

Conducting the Repair

Once the repair has been identified the NFI certified technician can obtain the parts needed to start the process of repairing the pellet stove. Whether the problem emanates from a bad starter or controller on the main stove unit or a leak in the stove pipe, the technician will order the parts and begin to make the fixes necessary to get the stove working properly again. Based on the experience and expertise of the technician, the repair itself should not take that long to accomplish or complete.

Testing the System

Once the repair has been completed by the technician a complete test should be conducted as the final part of the process to repair your pellet stove. This test will ensure that the problem, which was identified in the early steps to this process has been fixed and that no additional problems exist with your pellet stove. Once the tests have been completed, you should be on your way to using your pellet wood stove.