Pellet Stove Vent Basics

A pellet stove can be a great alternative to wood or gas stoves in terms of energy efficiency and cost. This type of stove is operated with the use of special small wood pellets, which are tightly compacted wood by-products designed to burn extremely efficiently.

The pellet fuel generates heat that the fan or blower is responsible for circulating the hot air all around your house. Some pellet stoves monitor the temperature, releasing only enough pellets necessary to maintain consistent room warmth. Although a pellet stove requires the use of electricity, it is minimal.

With a pellet stove you will never need to chop up wood because the pellet fuel is store-bought and front-loaded into the stove. You will have to dispose of the ash left by the burning pellets which accumulate in an ash pan that is easily removed.  

The Benefits of a Pellet Stove

Since it requires no venting, a pellet stove can be placed virtually anywhere in your home and is compact enough to fit in tight spaces. As a precautionary measure, maintain some distance between the stove and your furniture and electronic equipment. A pellet stove is very convenient to use and proven safe.