Peony Flowers: Knowing all the Various Colors Peony Flowers: Knowing all the Various Colors

Knowing all of the various peony flower colors would be a feat in itself. There are peonies of almost every hue and color and the colors change and multiply with the age of the tree or plant. Some older peony trees actually produce more than one color on one tree.

Solid Colors

Most peonies are solid in color. Burgundy peonies, hot pink peonies, white peonies and the list goes on and on. The colors that you will not find are hues of greens and blues. Yellow is a dominant color as well as all different shades of all the colors listed.

Blended Colors

Peonies can blend together to form more than one color on a flower. Some are pink on the tips and white towards the center or completely opposite with the pink in the center. There are hundreds of varieties and thousands of color variations in Chinese peony trees alone.

Not including all of the Japanese and Chinese Peony trees there are also varieties of peony plants that create yet more hues and varieties. The peony is a very old and great flower that continues to astound us with the limitless colors that it can create.

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