Perennial Flowers that Bloom Year-Round

Perennial flowers are a more convenient and cheaper alternative to replacing flowering plants every time they wilt.  Every garden or home should have at least one as these amazing flowers can lighten and brighten the interior.  Taking care of a perennial flower is also surprisingly easy compared to other plants.  Here are some of the flowers you can choose from, plant on your own and enjoy.

 1. African Daisy

In its native South African environment, its yellow to orange flowers will start blooming as soon as the plant receives the first rains of the spring months.  In gardens elsewhere, the African Daisy may bloom all summer.  It is preferable to grow this flower under the sun and in a garden soil bed that is well drained. It does not take too long for the African daisy to grow, but it can only reach a height of up to 1 foot.

2. African Iris

Once it is fully grown, the African Iris can reach up to 4 feet in height and 3 feet in width.  This plant is also known as Morea Iris or Fortnight Lily, and its flowers are white.  It is a hardy plant, and prefers to be grown under the sun. Although the African Iris can be planted in the shade, the soil should be well drained. The flower grows naturally near marshy areas and streams, but it is also frost hardy and drought resistant. It can take a while to have a fully grown African Iris, however the large-sized spiky clumps of this flower make it the perfect accent plant near ponds and at the sides of pathways, steps and entrances.

3. Lantana Camara

Originally, this flower came from the tropical areas of the Americas and also goes by the name of Spanish flag and West Indian Lantana.  This variety can grow rapidly to a height of about 4 feet and reach a width of up to 6 feet.  Its red, white, pink, orange, purple and yellow flowers invite a lot of butterflies.  As a tropical plant, Lantana Camara should be grown under the sun.

4. Peace Lily

This variety can be found in the tropics of the Americas and in Southeast Asia.  The Peace Lily is an ideal home plant, because it can get rid of many indoor pollutants.  This flower only needs a little sunlight, and it has to be watered about once a week.  A fully grown Peace Lily can reach a height of up to 6 feet. Its flowers grow in a spadix surrounded by a white spathe.

5. Wedelia Trilobata

This flower is also commonly known as the Bay Biscayne Creeping-Oxeye, and belongs to the sunflower family.  It is a hardy plant and can be planted under the sun or in the shade, as long as the soil is well drained.  Like most sunflowers, its coloration is bright yellow.  Although Widelia Trilobata usually reaches only 1 foot in height, it can grow and spread quite rapidly.