Spruce Up Your Guest Room for Holiday Visitors Spruce Up Your Guest Room for Holiday Visitors

Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year for travelers, and many of them are going to visit family and friends to spend time with them over the holidays. If you're expecting company this Christmas, take a little extra time to make your guest room look seasonal and inviting.

Add a Christmas Bedspread. Don't spend a lot of money on expensive holiday-printed bedding. You'll only use it for a few weeks each year, and the rest of the time it'll be taking up precious space in your linen closet. Instead, make the bed look festive by making your own easy bedspread that is functional as well as pretty.

Purchase a length of red or green polar fleece that's big enough to cover the bed and provide at least two feet of overhang on both sides and at the foot of the bed. If you want to tuck your pillows into the bedspread as well, make sure there is enough length to accommodate them as well. Polar fleece is warm and cozy, but the best thing about fleece is that is doesn't need to be hemmed. The material won't fray when cut like other fabrics will, so your fleece is ready to be placed on the bed or used as a throw right away. It's generally inexpensive too, compared to other fabrics.

You can trim the edges of the fleece with pinking shears or other patterned scissors if you'd like. If you're handy with a sewing machine, cut out and sew on a festive image with scraps of different colored fleece or other materials. Simple images include a snowman, Christmas tree, and a candy cane. Alternatively, hand-sew a few small lace snowflakes in a random pattern onto the fleece. You could also sew on a border of contrasting fleece, printed holiday ribbon, or even small children's mittens.

Add Some Cheer to Window Dressings. You've washed and hung the curtains, but they just don't look all that festive. You can make a quick holiday display from your window dressings with a bit of wired, printed Christmas ribbon.

If your drapes tie back, replace the usual ties with the ribbon, and tie a bow in the front. Otherwise, tie the ribbon into large or small bows and use safety pins to attach the bows to your curtains in a random pattern, or in a cluster in the center. For blinds, make larger bows and affix them to the top of the blinds with the wire in the ribbon itself.

Add Flowers and Greenery. A potted poinsettia is a nice seasonal touch. You can tie a bow around the pot, or place some small Christmas tree balls on the soil around the stem of the plant to liven it up a bit. A fresh bunch of roses or other red flowers make a great alternative to potted plants. Place a runner of evergreen garland, either real or artificial, along the top of a dresser mirror, the window, or around the top of the closet doorframe.

Don't Forget the Small Touches. Take your framed pictures or photos off the wall and wrap the entire frame and picture in printed gift wrap. Attach a bow with a hot glue gun to the front, and re-hang the picture on the wall.

Make a few quick and easy sachets by filling thin, inexpensive mittens with holiday scented potpourri. Tie the ends with ribbon or colored yarn. String the filled mittens together and hang in the room, or place them in drawers, hang them in closets, or place them in a bowl to provide a fresh seasonal scent.

Hang a stocking or two in the guest room for quick decorations. Wrap a lamp post in silver or gold garland. Use spray snow to create small motifs on the window, or on the edges of the mirror.

If you have a guest bathroom, use red, green, and white towels and facecloths to add instant Christmas color. Place a small bowl of decorative soaps in festive shapes, colors, and scents on the bathroom countertop. Provide small bottles of red or green bubble bath, shower gel, lotion, or body wash on the counter as well.

Place an electric kettle in the room along with some holiday printed mugs. In a small basket, place instant coffee, powdered hot chocolate mix, instant cider, and bags of tea. Small packets of sugar and coffee creamer can also go in the basket. Make the display even more special by providing chocolate-dipped spoons and candy canes for flavored stirrers.

These extra special Christmas touches will add warmth to your guest room, and help keep your guests in the holiday spirit. They'll appreciate the time you took to make them feel welcomed!


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