Perfecting the Angle in a Corner Plant Stand Perfecting the Angle in a Corner Plant Stand

A corner plant stand is a great way to add some color and greenery to your home. You can use a corner plant stand to grow flowers, ivy, ferns or any other number of plants. The angle, however, is very important. You need to make sure you take proper measurements in order to maximize the use of your space. Taking into account your home’s construction features is also critical because you need to make sure plenty of natural light can get into the corner to nourish the plant (s). That is where angles come into play, especially since you will probably be working with a 90-degree angled corner.


When planning a corner plant stand you must remember that most corners are set at 90- degree angles. It is wise to use a rectangular type of plant stand for the corner because the shape will help cut down on wasted space. This type of plant stand can be placed flush with the wall, leaving no open space behind it. This shape of plant stand will also allow for a more secure platform on which you can place the plant. The corner plant stand can use the walls for support, allowing you to have a larger base and a heavier plant.

The Importance of Sunlight

When perfecting the angle for a corner plant stand you will need to take into account the amount of sunlight the plant will receive. If the plant receives too much direct sunlight, it can be damaged. If it receives too light natural sunlight, it can quickly wither and die. Most plants purchased for the home come with a care guide that states the amount of natural light a plant needs. For example, many types of ivy are great plants to grow in a corner plant stand, but they do not grow well in direct sunlight. Therefore, if you are want to grow ivy, you will need to angle your corner plant stand away from direct sunlight. Most flowers, however, in order to bloom properly, will need to have a lot of natural sunshine.

Take Measurements

This dimension is important because it depends on the number of plants you want to set on your corner plant stand. Obviously, you will need more surface area if you are going to have more plants. The type of corner plant stand you select will also depend on the construction of your home. Be sure to measure how far away any windows are from the corner that you want to use for your plant stand. This distance will be important when you decide what plants you want to grow. The distance a window is from the plant stand will determine which plants you can put in that corner. Finally, you need to consider how many corners you are going to use. If you use more than one corner you can have variety of plants since not every corner receives the same amount of sunlight.

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