Persimmon Tree Fertilizing Info

When growing a new persimmon tree, you will want to pay attention to its fertilizer needs. As the tree begin to grow, and then at least once a year after that, the persimmon tree needs to have some fertilizer added to the soil to help it acquire the nutrients it needs to produce fruit and grow to its fullest potential.

Little Fertilizer is Required

If the persimmon tree is planted in its optimum soil, then you will not need to put a lot of fertilizer into the mix. Deep, dark, rich loam is the best overall soil for the tree. Too much fertilizer added to this type  of soil will actually cause the tree to grow too fast and lead to excess fruit drop.

Set a Fertilizing Schedule

You should add your fertilizer to your persimmon tree once a year in either late Winter or in early Spring. Whichever you choose, stick to the same time each year. Use a natural compost or a 10-10-10 commercial fertilizer.

Fertilization Conditions

There are signs you need to look for before fertilizing your tree. You should always fertilize the tree when it is less than a foot tall. In adult trees, take notice if the leaves are yellow or a light green. This means that they are lacking in nutrients and need the added nitrogen.