Personalize Your Gazebo: Wood Inlays Personalize Your Gazebo: Wood Inlays


One of the most impressive methods of personalizing a gazebo is to use inlays. This could be a tiled flooring such as parquet or the detailed beauty of marquetry, the art of creating pictures using inlaid wood. Common inlays are made of wood, stone or metal and have been used for centuries to indisputably personalize objects or property, most notably by incorporating a family coat of arms into the gazebo design.

Marquetry and Parquet

Technically, putting a parquet floor in your gazebo is not the same as using inlays, but true parquet tiles are made using inlays and that lends credence to the idea of using them for full effect. Marquetry is the art of wood inlays. If parquet barely qualifies as an inlay, marquetry takes the other extreme and offers some of the most complex wood inlays to be found.

Decorative Trim

Other ways of incorporating inlays into your wood gazebo include various methods of using inlays as trim to complement the theme of the garden. A classic Victorian-style gazebo might feature copper inlays of brass heroes or geometric designs, and an oriental inlay is likely to be intricately carved shell or bone representing an animal or plant.

Ceramic and Stone Tile

Many gazebo designs include the use of stone or ceramic tiles inlaid to create patterns. They are usually a single tile piece with many smaller tiles inlaid on it. If you have the money to invest, marquetry designs are available in natural stone versions that are as breathtaking as they are expensive. Other popular inlay materials are precious metals and complex mosaics made using colored pieces of glass.

Gazebo Themes and Furnishings

Using inlays as part of your gazebo decorations will add character to the gazebo and contribute to it's desired theme. If you are using stone inlays then stone or metal seating might be appropriate where an Asian garden theme might include inlays made from bamboo or shell. Choosing the right type of inlay will be a big help in defining your desired style and bringing it into reality.

Tips for Gazebo Decoration

Don't use only inlays for your gazebo decoration. Use iblays as a way to enhance the overall effect you are trying to achieve. Replicating a Roman garden might include inlaid figurines in the Roman style, feature stone benches and have detailed wood trim inlaid with marble or brass designs. No single part of your garden gazebo design should be relied on to deliver the full impact, but the whole design plan should be choreographed to bring the many different pieces together in exactly the way that you want them.

Notes on Caring for Inlays

Many inlays will require special attention. You may not be able to clean every inlay with soapy water. Some may need to be treated with a particular type of oil or sealant while others need no special attention at all. Before you add inlaid materials to your gazebo design, compare the different types that are available and be sure you understand the special needs that each material will have.

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