Personalizing Your Flagpole: Ideas

Having installed a flag pole, there might be room to personalize it a little.

Fly Your Own Pennant

If you have your own flag or pennant, you can fly this beneath your national flag as long as it is not bigger.

Top the Pole Off

Although balls and eagles are the most popular items to be mounted at the top of a flag pole you could create your ownthe initial of your surname, for example. There are many accessory shops with a selection available to choose from.

Different Lanyard

Lanyards are usually silvery white in color but they can be obtained in red or blue or the primary colors of your country’s flag. These will not detract from the flag.


On a residential flag pole it is possible to install a banner flag pole at right angles to the pole near the base. This could be used to display a banner announcing your name or your address.

Because of the importance of not detracting from the flag any personalization will have to be carefully considered before being implemented.