Pet Door Installation in 8 Steps

Doggie door and pet

Constantly letting your dog or cat in and out of the house can be an annoyance, but pet door installation is a simple solution to this pesky problem. Here's how to accomplish this simple task in just a few easy steps.


Measure your pet. Pet doors vary greatly in size, so you want to measure your pet at its highest and widest parts of its body. Choose a pet door that is at least 2 inches higher and 2 inches wider than your pet, and purchase the required parts at your local pet or home supply store.

Outline the Door

Tape the template that comes with your pet door on the door, at least 3 inches above the bottom of the door.

Trace and Mark

Trace the outline of the template. Note the placement of screws. This outline will be your guide when you cut the opening for the pet door.

Mark the corners with an “X” just outside the outline.


Drill holes with a ½-inch drill bit at each one of the four "X" marks, for the exterior door mount.

Drill Screw Holes

Drill holes for screws with a 3/8 drill bit or the size recommended by the manufacturer.

Cut the Hole for the Door

Carefully cut along the outline with a jigsaw.

Install the Door

Insert the exterior pet door frame against the exterior of your door and secure it. Insert the interior pet door frame (side with the flap) and screw it into place in the proper holes.

Let Your Pet Out

Now introduce your pet to the new door and watch it come in and out on its own.