White Mice Make Great Pets

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White mice are one of the tiniest pets to own. Plus, they are relatively inexpensive to purchase, take care of, and feed. Moreover, since they live in cages, rarely does anyone jump up on a chair and scream when they catch a glimpse of this tiny creature in your home.

Feeding time is a relatively simple task with white mice. They are easy to please and their dinner fare is easy to purchase. Unlike their cartoon counterparts, white mice do not exist on a diet of cheese stolen from human homeowners. Instead, they enjoy nibbling on seeds, uncooked cereal grain, and lettuce.

In fact, it’s easy to create a healthy mix of your own special brand of pet mouse food using dry food products. Most of your supplies can be purchased at any pet store, discount store, or grocery store. Make sure that you also purchase an airtight container that can be used to store the food mix.

Simply purchase a package of canary or parakeet seed mix. Several different brands are available and the ingredients may vary somewhat. Also, purchase some rabbit or guinea pig food mix. This is available in a wide variety of combinations and ranges from simple to deluxe combinations. Raw sunflower seeds, not the roasted ones, can also be used. Purchase a package of uncooked oats as well. Get the regular type of oats not the quick cook variety of oats.

Even though this mix will provide healthy nutrition, it is important to add a piece of lettuce to the diet of your pet mouse once or twice a week. Taking proper care of your mouse also means that you clean the food dish on a regular basis.

Although white mice are not big water drinkers, a fresh supply of clean water should be provided daily. This means that each day, the water dish should be emptied and replaced.

Mice like to stay warm, so an aquarium actually makes a better home for them than a wire cage. Provide plenty of shredded paper towels for their bedding area. Change the bedding materials on a weekly basis or more frequently if necessary. Wire cages can also be used for a home for your pet mouse, but it will require a bit more maintenance than an aquarium. Additionally, it will be especially important to keep it away from any possible drafts.

Mice are highly intelligent creatures and can be trained like many other pets. In fact, white mice are tamed rather quickly. If you pick your mouse up, do so slowly. To pick up your mouse, it is best to scoop him up or grasp him firmly by the base of the tail. Never swing or dangle your mouse by his tail.

Did you know that most mice are color blind? The world around them appears in shades of black and white. This doesn’t restrict them in any way however. When white mice are cared for properly, they can live for as long as four years. Some may even live longer.