Phillips Head Screwdriver Phillips Head Screwdriver

The Phillips head screwdriver was named after Henry F. Phillips born in 1890 and living through 1958. Henry was a businessman from Portland, Oregon. He was responsible for introducing the crosshead screw design into our homes and businesses around the country.

The Phillips head screwdriver was originally patented in 1936 by Henry, but it was so widely copied by other individuals and companies, that by 1949 Phillips lost his patent.

The Phillips Head Screwdriver and the American Screw Company

The American screw company held the responsibility for implementing a method for manufacturing the screw deigned for the Phillips head screwdriver. Other companies did not want to take on the complex design of the screw, so the American screw company became the sole supplier for the screw that became so popular and was used in almost every manufacturing line.

We all use the Phillips head screwdrivers in our home today and the majority of everything we buy that needs assembly will come equipped with the cross head screws that require a Phillips head screwdriver.






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