Photo Framing Decorating Ideas

A photo frame.

Photo framing is an excellent way to accentuate images that are important to you in some way. Displaying framed photographs throughout your home is a classy and sophisticated way to decorate your home. Framing an image symbolically asserts its significance and brings your guest’s attention to the contents of the frame. Decorating your picture frames is one way to highlight the images in the frame even more. Not to mention, decorating your picture frames adds a personal touch that is reflected even more when you decorate your home with the personalized frames.

1. Use Gold Leaf Paper

Gold leaf paper is an excellent medium to decorate your photo frames with. A picture frame covered with gold leaf has an elegant appearance. A golden picture frame is also symbolic; it shows how the image inside of the golden boarder is worthy of being surrounded by solid gold. Gold has long been used to symbolize wealth, elegance, and prestige.

Gold leaf paper can be purchased at any craft store. It is easily applied by hand or with a paintbrush. Consider covering your completed gold leaf picture frame with a layer of glue mixed with water. This glue-water layer will seal in the gold leaf and give the picture frame an overall shiny appearance.

2. Use Acrylic Paint

Acrylic paint adheres to almost any surface. It creates a bold and colorful appearance. Not to mention, almost any color you can imagine has been captured and is available in acrylic paint. This opens a wide array of avenues for your artistic expression; you can decorate or color your picture frame in any way imaginable.

This is an excellent activity to involve children in; most children love painting and you can use this passion to beautify a picture frame. Perhaps you may wish to frame several photographs of your children, grandchildren, nieces, or nephews. Allowing the subjects of these photographs to decorate the picture frames their images will be framed in makes the photographs even more special.

Allow the children to paint their respective picture frames using your choice of colors of acrylic paints. Consider allowing them to paint the picture frames with their fingers. Not only will this be a fun and exciting activity for the kids, but it will act as a symbolic representation of childhood. Whenever you look at the images surrounded by your painted picture frames you will be reminded of the experience you had when the kids made them.

3. Use Jewels, Treasures and Hot Glue

Embellishing a picture frame with three-dimensional objects is a great way to beautify your picture frames. Use a high-temperature hot glue gun to attach various jewels and treasures directly onto the picture frame. You can create a wide range of designs and patterns using this method.