Pick the Right Patio Cover Plans

Looking at the wide variety of different patio cover plans can become overwhelming. Patio covers are very useful for when the sun is hanging in the sky for a long period of time or if there is a lot of wet weather in the future. You want to know that the furniture, the patio, or your guests are going to be adequately covered from the elements. Patio cover plans show a wide variety of shapes and materials that can keep you undecided for some time. Here is some information on how you can choose the right patio cover plans for your new patio.

Size Needed

One of the things to look for when you are looking over the different patio cover plans is the size of your patio. If you have a 12x12-foot patio, plans for a 6x8' patio cover are not going to be good enough. You can narrow down the number of  plans you look at by eliminating those that are not correctly sized.

Materials Used

If you have a special preference for a specific type of material for your patio cover, you can easily skip over several plans. Patio covers can be made out of a wide range of materials from wood, metal, plastic, and even fabrics. Whichever one you think will work best with the type of patio you have will be the one you want to choose.

Sunlight Allowance

Sitting on a patio means that you love the outdoor and want to have some sort of exposure to the sun. While you do not want to have full access to the sun, some areas that are heated by sunlight is a great way to stay warm during a chilly day or sitting on your patio in comfort. There are different patio cover plans that have configurations for shade and sunlight. 

Geometric Shapes

Plans for patio covers will also show you the different types of shapes that can be made. They range from circular to regular square shapes. However, there are also plans that show different geometric shapes that can be created with different materials. If you are looking for a fancy looking patio cover, these are the plans that you want to look at.

Stand Alone or Attached

Another need that will help you determine if a patio cover is right for you is whether or not it is a free-standing cover or one that is attached to your home. Patios that are close to your home may be attached to your home for a more symmetrical look and feel of being a part of a larger building.

Closed in Covers

With the many different patio cover plans that are available there are three basic types. There is roofless, open and enclosed. If you know that you want to have an enclosed patio with partial, or full walls, you can then narrow the choices down even further.

Taking in all of these factors into consideration should help you pick the perfect patio cover plan for your needs.