Pick the Right Truck For The Job

Everyone who has the need for a utility truck often questions what they should look for in a vehicle of choice. There are so many options and accessories available today that it can often be confusing for the average person to decide. This doesn't need to be the case. The best thing anyone looking for a utility truck can do is sit down and determine just what their needs are. Do you haul large objects that need protection from the elements? Does your cargo require special handling? What about environmental concerns? All these questions and more needs to be answered before making your final decision. Here, we will discuss utility trucks, their functions and options. We will address environmental concerns, mileage figures when available, and look at creature comforts.

Pick Your Truck

If you are starting a new business and don't have an unlimited budget, consider buying a good used utility truck. These vehicles are readily available online, and will give you a good idea of cost. It wouldn't be a very good idea to buy one online unless you have the opportunity to actually see the truck, because you have no idea if what the seller tells you is correct or not. Many people have been burned this way, but others have made good deals. It pays to know who you are dealing with. Another good way to buy a good used utility truck is through help from business owners who are friends. They may even have a truck that they want to get rid of, such as when they upgrade, and you can buy for a very decent price. If not, these people will be the best resource in helping you to find just what you are looking for.

Because you will be using the truck in business, there is no reason to get all the bells and whistles and creature comforts that almost every vehicle today provides. Air conditioning might be essential, especially if you are in the florist trade. Better to spend the money on such things as heavy duty tires or suspension than a luxury cab. Save these things for your passenger car. Also of concern is engine and transmission. You want a vehicle that will take care of your needs, but there is no sense in buying a utility truck with a big V-8 engine, especially if you are only making local calls. It is not only cheaper to buy a truck with a smaller engine, but is friendlier to the environment. Opt for an automatic transmission if possible, so that a woman will feel comfortable behind the wheel.

Consider Mileage And Emissions

You will of course want a vehicle that pollutes as little as possible. Studies show that trucks are one of the worst offenders in the United States. Have you ever wondered why truckers leave their vehicles running when making a delivery? Many times this is unnecessary, and only adds to pollution. Today there are electric vehicles, such as the DVG mini truck and DVG cargo van. They have a range of 50 miles on a charge, and can carry a capacity of 18,000 pounds - ideal for a local business. If an electric vehicle is just not your style, consider the newer diesels that are readily available. Although the diesel has its own emission problems, it gets the best mileage and has higher torque than a regular gasoline version. Cube vans, made by Ford and Chevrolet can be bought used for around $11,000, and would meet the needs of just about anyone. The good thing about the cube vans is that they can be highly customized to meet your needs.

Wrapping It Up

It takes a lot of leg work to find the best possible choice, but don't scrimp on this. You certainly don't want to end up paying for a vehicle that doesn't meet your needs, nor do you want one that is either way too large or too small for what you have in mind. Keep in mind such things as mileage and pollution when considering your vehicle. It makes little sense to have a big V-8 in a utility vehicle that just goes about town, and carries a small load. Also consider weight bearing capacity, and remember to not try to scrimp on cheaper tires for your truck. It is much more important to have good tires and suspension than to have leather seats and power windows, so put your money into these things instead of creature comforts. Keep in mind that a utility vehicle is designed for one thing - to get your cargo where it needs to go. If you follow these few simple guidelines, you will be very satisfied with your choice.