Picket Fence Repair Tips

Over time, any wooden picket fence will become worn and need some repair. Here are a few tips to make minor repairs to your picket fence so that it will look attractive for years to come.

Painting the Picket Fence

At the beginning of each spring, paint your fence in order to protect it from weathering and damage. Strip any peeling or cracking paint with a wire brush, and sand the pickets or posts attached to the fence railings.

Once you have prepared the surface for painting, use a latex primer and latex paint.  Latex paint allows moisture to pass through and will help the wood maintain its look.

Replacing Damaged Pickets

Remove loose pickets with a claw hammer or screwdriver, depending on the fastener used to secure the picket to the railings. If the picket fence was built with manufactured pickets, go to the home improvement or hardware store where the pickets were purchased to buy a replacement picket. 

If the fence was built by hand, remove a good picket and trace it on a piece of ½-inch thick plywood. Reattach the good picket, sand and paint the replacement, and attach it in the place of the damaged one.