Picking From Different Pergola Plans Picking From Different Pergola Plans

Picking from different pergola plans will be determined by personal choice as well as use. There are several different building materials to consider as well as shapes and functions. Let’s examine these,

A pergola designs is a relatively simply  “backyard” enhancement that can be made from a number of different materials including wood, metal, plastic or vinyl.

The shape for your pergola can be as varied as your imagination. Many freestanding pergolas can be aesthetically accented employing an arch roof design. Circular pergolas can also mimic gazebo-like shapes as well. Some are small square or rectangles acting as overhangs to a building entryway. Still others can cover garden and plant areas in any size imaginable.

A pergola can be used in a variety of functions, for example, as a cover for an outdoor hot tub, or cover for a patio as well. Many are used attached to buildings providing shade or used to mark entryways as an overhang. A great deal of pergolas function as greenhouse or garden structures with trellises attached making them perfect spots for vine-like or hanging plants.

A pergola can add shade to your favorite backyard hammock or swing.

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