Picking Out The Perfect Pole Chain Saw Picking Out The Perfect Pole Chain Saw

Picking out the perfect pole chain saw may come down to personal  preferences or price. You may find one being offered at a bargain price or you might explore yard sales, flea markets and swap meets for a good used product. A good pole saw can be an exceptional yard tool. Instead of turning to the use of a ladder to climb up high, a pole saw provides a much safer method for trimming those tree limbs up high. Sure, you could hire a tree service, but using a pole chain saw by yourself saves money. A typical pole chain saw may cost in the neighborhood of $100 and a single use can get you your money back.

What to Look For

If you are a professional or live on a large piece of wooded land that needs extensive work, a powerful gas powered pole chain saw might be your choice. However, the typical homeowner does not need the expense or high maintenance that comes with a gas powered unit. A typical pole chain saw for the average homeowner can be a cordless electric tool that has an adjustable telescoping arm so you do not need to use a ladder. A good product will possess a 1.5 to 2 horsepower motor--a motor powerful enough to saw through lower hanging tree limbs with little effort. You should be able to extend the pole up to 15 feet and the pole chain saw should have a few other features such as anti-vibration handles, chain brakes and automatic chain bar oilers as well as easily adjustable poles that can be extended with ease.

Traditional pole saws require a greater degree of effort on the part of the user but an electric powered pole chain saw makes pruning and  cutting tree limbs an easier task .

Popular Models

There are several popular models available for consideration including:

  • Remington 15 foot Electric Pole Saw--a 1.5 horsepower engine drives this telescoping pole saw that can double as a chain saw and as a pole saw. It has an easy grip handle that creates a stable environment while cutting through limbs as thick as 20 inches and the saw has a 15-foot reach.
  • Black & Decker 14 foot Electric Pole Saw--a cordless saw with an 8 inch cutting bar and chain is a feature of this pole saw. The inline power head allows the user to see it clearly between branches. It comes with an insertable extension pole that allows for an overhead reach up to 14 feet.
  • McCullough 10 foot Electric Pole Saw--a 1.5 horsepower engine with a low kickback chain drives this saw. With the saw attached to the 10 foot pole, the actual reach is 12 feet, allowing for effortless use when pruning overhead or cutting tree limbs.


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