Picking Peppers: The Color Changing Bell Pepper Picking Peppers: The Color Changing Bell Pepper

As a bell pepper ripens, it can change color several times. The color change also brings flavor and texture changes. Picking peppers will encourage production of more bell peppers on the plant essentially creating what is known as a bumper crop. The most common bell peppers will turn from green to red or yellow. Some types of bell pepper will turn orange or even brown when fully ripe.

    When to Pick?

    Green bell peppers are the most popular color. Even though they are not yet ripe, they have a good flavor. As a bell pepper ripens, the color will begin to change. The ripening process changes the texture and flavor of the bell pepper. As they change color, they also become sweeter, and take on a softer, smoother texture. Despite the fact that green is the most popular color, let them ripen and add a different taste and color to your garden and your favorite recipes.

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