Picking Sprinkler Heads: 3 Types

When you're ready to install sprinkler heads, you have three choices that are suitable for most residential sprinkler systems.

There Are Three Types:


Which Type of Sprinkler Heads for Your Property?

Spray sprinkler heads are the standard heads that work well for most landscaped lawns that have some bushes and shrubs, and maybe strips of flowers or other features. Rotary sprinkler heads are designed for distance, and are best for spraying large areas that are relatively flat. Bubblers are good for installation near shrubs and bushes where more direct watering is required rather than a spray with a larger radius.

What Will You Be Watering?

Watering a garden requires more soaking than watering a lawn, which requires more frequent watering. Choose pop-up spray sprinkler heads to get the water up and over plants and to get more water output in a shorter time for gardens. If you're looking to water a typical lawn, either spray or rotary sprinkler heads will do. But if you have lots of ornamental grasses in your lawn like some grasses that require less water, or a large lawn, rotary sprinkler heads spray less water per minute and spray over a larger area, so you may need fewer sprinkler heads to get the job done.