Picking the Best Dryer Vent Lint Brush

As with any bit of machinery, your dryer vent is going to have to be cleaned at some point. While this may seem like a small and rather tedious task, it is important to know what kind of a brush you are getting.

Step 1: Search for a Brush

You want to look for a brush that you feel the most comfortable with. Most of the brushes are $10 to $15. The best brush will have a flexible wire. This will enable you to reach into all the knocks and corners of the vent to clean out all the lint. As well, make sure that you find a brush that has a vinyl tip, this will prevent the trip of the brush from scratching the inside of your vent.

Step 2: Look into a Trap Brush

Look for a trap brush that is at least 28 inches long. While you may think that you have cleaned out all the lint, but this brush will reach down deep into the trap to be sure that all of the lint is removed. This will let your dryer run more efficiently and for a longer period of time before maintenance is necessary. Often times you can buy the brushes bundled together for one low price.