Picking the Right Engine to Convert into a Go Kart Engine

Being able to build a go kart engine from an old engine taken from another motorized vehicle or machine is a skill that is prized by many. The first, most attractive advantage of converting engines is that one gets to use an existing engine that has otherwise been discarded and put it to good use. This is a practice that is becoming rather popular with more and more websites and forums on the World Wide Web advocating the conversion of engines to build new machines. Engines from a number of motorized machines can be used to create a go kart engine.

Using Engines from a Motorcycle or an ATV

Engines taken from ATVs and motorcycles make for good conversion go kart engines. The reason why ATV engines are preferred above most others is that some models come with the feature of a reverse gear. If you would like a reverse gear in the go kart engine, opting for an ATV engine with the same is a great idea. The Yamaha Warrior 350 is one of the best options to act as an engine source for a custom built go kart. The reason behind the popularity of the Yamaha Warrior 350 is that along with the option of the reverse gear it also offers an admirable amount of torque and power. This combined with a sprocket output can make for a powerful go kart.

Using Engines from a Snowmobile

The benefit of using an old snowmobile engine is that while they are high on power they are low on weight. Hence your go kart will be a strong machine without weighing the frame down or sapping off unnecessary power from its own system. Engines from snow mobiles are usually based on a 2 stroke system that lends a formidable amount of strength. The CVT system that is, the Continuously Variable Transmission system that is usually a feature of snow mobiles can also be modified to fit into the framework of a go kart. The only downside with using snowmobile engines for go karts is that these engines usually create a lot of sound. Common faults with spark plugs and excessive RPM ratings are also reported but these can be overlooked in light of the potential power.

Using Engines from a Lawnmower

A lawnmower engine can also be sometimes used as a go kart engine. However, a lawnmower works with a vertical mount engine whereas go karts work on horizontal mount engines. Hence, lawnmower engines require heavy modification before they can be used safely as go kart engines. A mounting bracket will need to be designed to hold the engine in a horizontal position. In the end, converting a lawnmower engine into a go kart engine can end up costing more than it would to buy a horizontal mount engine and modifying suitably.

To conclude, motorcycle engines are the most recommendable engines for go kart use.