Picture Window Installation Fundamentals

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Installing a picture window can add a lot of appeal to the appearance of a home. Using kits, a picture window can be installed by anyone with moderate to professional experience with construction and window working tools. Always measure material cuts twice before cutting, to reduce wasted materials and poorly fitting joints.

Mark the Opening, Then Remove It

Using a tape measure and carpenter's level, mark the corners of the opening to be cut. To mark the entire line, use a chalk line. When the opening is cut, be sure to use a blade suitable to the wall material, and make certain that there are no plumbing or electrical conduits in the wall. Begin cutting at the top, followed by each side, and then the bottom line being cut last.

Build the Jambs and Headers

Build jambs and headers around the picture window opening. Headers are commonly made from 2x10 or 2x12 lumber with a spacer that matches the thickness of the wall. Jambs are commonly doubled 2x4 studs.

Install the Picture Window

The sill plate should fit level and snug between the jambs. Once it is attached, the sill plate will act as support for the picture window. Be sure to have some replacement siding and other materials on hand to seal the picture opening after it has been installed.