Picture Window Replacement Tips

When doing a picture window replacement you’re working with a big assembly. It is usually a good idea to have an extra pair of hands to help you with the moving. There are also a few things to keep in mind and you can read about them here.

Use Protective Gear

Use protective goggles and wear gloves to protect yourself and anyone helping you. There is always a potential of broken glass when dealing with windows and you should stay on the safe side. Having separate working clothes is also a good idea. When working on a picture window replacement you will be working with surfaces that can be covered in dust or dirt. Cover the floor surfaces with rags to avoid scratches and dust on surfaces such as wood.

Use Vacuum Cups for Easy Glass Handling

Vacuum cups are cones made out of rubber or plastic that will help you tremendously when dealing with picture window replacement. They use suction to attach themselves to the glass pane. They also have a handle that you can use to lift and position the glass. This is much easier and safer than having to lift the glass by hand. One cup is sufficient for medium size glass panes but if you’re dealing with extra-large glass surfaces consider using one for each hand.

Use Sealant to Enforce and Mask Screw Heads

Once you screw everything in place you are likely to be left with visible screw heads. You can mask them and protect them by applying sealant on top after the job is done. To do this, screw them in to the point where they protrude from the window frame. After that, apply the sealant on the screw heads. You can choose a sealant color that will match your frame for a completely discrete masking.

Avoid the Use of Heavy-duty Chemical Cleaners

Harsh, abrasive cleaners or detergents can damage the surface of your glass or frame. If you plan to use cleaners for your frame or window, make sure they’re appropriate for glass, as well. Check the label to make sure the products you intend to use are safe to use on glass surfaces. Using the wrong type of cleaning agents can also void any warranty you have on the windows.

Remove Any Traces of the Previous Installation

Before beginning a picture window replacement, you’re going to deal with cleaning out the old installation foam and dirt. Having a dusty or moldy surface can greatly affect your new window’s installation. Make sure you clean the surface completely using a wire brush. You can use paint thinner to remove any excess paint. A utility knife is a good tool to remove the old foam used to keep the frame in place.

Proper Insulation Prolongs the Picture Window’s Lifespan

Moisture and infiltrations can negatively affect a picture window’s quality over the course of a few years. Using quality materials such as insulating foam will prevent moisture and not allow water to slip through. These are small investments that will pay off in the long run. Using too much insulation is never an issue as the excess can be removed, so be liberal with its application when putting in a picture window replacement.