Pier Pier

A masonry column used in building construction is called a pier. A masonry pier supports interior loads on smaller buildings or is sometimes used to support windows or porches. Rarely are they used to support an entire structure.

Masonry piers may settle unevenly over long periods of time and they may cause the load they are supporting to tilt or become stressed.

Disadvantages of Masonry Piers

• A masonry pier may settle causing a lowering or tilting of the building.
• Piers exposed to weather are subject to damage.
• Frost heaves may cause piers to rotate and twist, causing cracking and bulging.

What can you do to Repair Damaged Piers

• Inspect for damage.
• Jack up the surface supported by the pier just enough to remove the old pier.
• Replace the support pier.
• Consider using a cast iron pier for durability.
• Hint – Masonry piers that are completely covered underground do not deteriorate.

Inspect your home routinely for signs of settling and for deterioration of masonry piers and replace as soon as damage is discovered for a safe, long lasting foundation.

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